Thank you for listening to the youth of the Philippines.

We at YesPinoy Foundation support the institutionalizing of youth participation in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Councils. We are a national Foundation that focuses on the Youth, promotes Education and Serves the Philippines by advocating a Philippines that is prepared, involved and active in volunteer efforts.

We volunteered when Typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines, and mustered an even bigger volunteer effort after Typhoon Yolanda. These responses helped make a difference – not only in the areas we were able to visit and provide relief – but also to us in YesPinoy and our thousands of volunteers nationwide.

Having the youth participate in the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Councils is a timely response to the reality which we see in the Philippines: where young people are instantly connected and involved via social media through platforms such as Project Agos, emergencies and disaster effects are reported and acted upon, and lives are saved.

YesPinoy has seen this time and again all over the country, and we join our voices with the youth in asking for this participation. Again, thank you for listening to us.

Commissioner @dongdantes of @nycpilipinas giving his message at the press conference

A photo posted by YesPinoy Foundation (@yespinoy) on May 17, 2015 at 9:08pm PDT