We are all leaders! We all have the capacity to lead in our own circles of influence given the many and unique gifts we have as individuals. This was our most significant discovery as YesPinoy attended a two-day seminar on Heroic Leadership last February 16-17 at Rockwell Club, Makati.
Heroic Leadership is comprised of 4 important Pillars. First is Self-Awareness. It is important for an individual to discover the gifts he has so that these gifts may benefit not just oneself but also others. Knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses will help a person reach his fullest potential. The second pillar is Love. When one uses love as a lens to view the world, he is able to unlock the potentials of the people around him. He no longer just recognizes his own gifts but also the gifts each person has. He begins to see the world beyond himself. The third pillar is Heroism. Heroism is recognizing that there is something greater than ourselves. There is a call, a mission, that each of us must heed and embrace. Driven by love, we pursue this heroic ambition with passion and excellence. The fourth pillar is Ingenuity. This is all about being brave to embrace changes and take risks in reaching our goals. We don’t let fear paralyze us and prevent us from pursuing our heroic ambitions. Ingenuity is our ability to adapt in a changing world without compromising our values.
Through the Heroic Leadership seminar, we have become empowered individuals who are now ready to fully embrace the mission of YesPinoy. We are called to greater love and that is to empower the youth and unlock their potentials so that they too may see and pursue that which is greater than themselves.
This is what Heroic Leadership is all about: leadership from within that moves and discerns towards a purpose. As we have looked inward, YesPinoy is now ready to move forward!